Living in the bay area? Join Dial-A-Maid’s team of professional independently contracted cleaners. Hours are flexible, wages are competitive.

Dial-A-Maid is currently hiring friendly people for positions today. Just call Ann at Tel/Fax 408-737-1741 or Tel 650-948-2599 and ask her about being hired onto the Dial-A-Maid team.

Ann does all her interviews in person and will be happy to explain any detail you wish to go over with her. After filling out an application with Ann’s help and answering some questions, you will be asked to come back and clean a home for Ann where she will give some helpful pointers. You will be paid just as you would for cleaning any house or business. After seeing your abilities Ann will setup clients who are in need of Dial-A-Maid’s Personal Touch. Scheduling and finding new clients will be handled by Dial-A-Maid as well as any problems should they occur. Confirmation of cleaning dates will be handled by you to help with the client-cleaner relationship. The flexible schedule will be based on your availability and when cleaning is needed by clients.

All clients setup through Dial-A-Maid are property of Dial-A-Maid and Cleaners may not start private service using clients they were introduced to by Dial-A-Maid until they have been out of employment of Dial-A-Maid for the period of no less than one calendar year.