Weekend/ Monthly/Occasional

Price Hours Price Hours
$75 3 $85 3
$90 4 $100 4
$105 4 $115 5
$120 6 $130 6
$135 7 $145 7
$150 8 $160 8

(A two cleaner team will do a job in half the time but the same price as one cleaner eg. a 4 hr job still costs $90 but takes only 2hrs with two cleaners)

  • If payment is not rendered at the time of service, we will add a $10.00 processing fee to your invoice.
  • Party service- Rate $25.00 per hour—Holiday rate $30.00 per hour.
  • We will run errands for those who don’t have enough time in their lives—$25 per hour
  • Please leave 1 check- Make the check payable to Dial-A-Maid

Please note: If you wish to use cleaning supplies furnished by Dial-A-Maid please add $20.00 to the above price. Our charge for the vacuum cleaner is $5.00.

Please keep the following supplies available:

Vacuum Cleaner (w/ bags) Sponges
Broom/Dustpan Kitchen Mop and Bucket
Cleaning Rags Tile Cleaner
Scrub Brush Glass Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Paper Towels
Mildew and Soap Scum Remover Furniture Polish
All Purpose Cleaner Oven Cleaner
Swiffer/Hardwood Polish Effective Januray 2008

Discounts: As of now, only the senior Discount is available. You can have eight hours of cleaning per month for $160.00. This can be divided into two hours each week.